Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

Cost optimization of your business includes taxes, too. There are many legitimate ways to reduce them, which you can use. To do this, you need an experienced accountant aware of all the news and changes in the field of taxes and accounting. You can find such in our team of professionals who have been working for already 22 years.

What is tax advice? This includes clarification, compliance with and implementation of national tax legislation. To make the most of them, we develop a tax strategy that will lead to immediate and long-term tax savings. We are also at your disposal for advice and assistance in its implementation.

The Tax consultancy, we offer includes:

• Drafting, submission and defense of Tax Returns Declarations ( under Personal Income Tax Act, Law on Corporate Income Tax, Law on Local Taxes and Fees, etc.)
• Consultation regarding registration and deregistration under the VAT Act, under the Act on Protection of Personal Data and others.
• Determination of tax effects and developing an operating methodology when performing specific commercial transactions.
• Management and optimization of tax liabilities.
• Opinions on tax cases under all tax laws.
• Preparation of objections to tax audit reports.
• Appeal of tax audit acts.
• Tax protection during tax audits.
• Consultations regarding international operations and advice on avoiding double taxation.

A successful business depends largely on how good your accountants are. Our professional accounting services and tax advice will help you optimize the cost of your business. Contact us – Komarov Consult Accounting House.