Manpower and wages

Many people think that accounting services are all the information shared in the menus above and if you haven’t gotten yourself introduced to them, now’s the time to do so.

When we say Complex Accounting Services that’s exactly what we mean. Social and Health insurance is also an important part of our services, because having no partner by your side, the consequences may be irreversible. Based on that fact, the “Komarov Consult ” accounting company has skilled specialists whose main focus is “Manpower and wages” department. They could be very useful whether you work by yourself or you have employees. Our professionals are always by your side and ready to help you in any kind of situation. They will be tracking all terms and dates when it comes to social and health insurance, they will provide you and your staff with the needed documentation and will help you manage your time.

Thanks to our adaptability we are the right partner for you and your business! We offer the highest quality in accounting services and it’s all based on your needs and preferences. We are taking the commitment of constant communication with supervisory authority, preparing documentation and its full protection.

What do our services include when it comes to Social and Health Insurance?

– Submission of a declaration for starting and stopping self-employment insurance.
– Preparation and submission of any type of legal relationship to the relevant institutions.
– Preparing a personal employment record for all employees.
– Preparing settlement payrolls.
– Submission of a declaration form 1 and 6, also payment orders for uncalculated insurances.
– Issuing official notes at the request of employees.
– Servicing vacations and sick leaves.
– All types of consultations based on “Social and Health Insurance”.

Ask for your individual offer and we will guarantee the safety of your employees and your company.

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