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Accounting services - Komarov Consult
Accounting services - Komarov Consult

Accounting services

In the busy world we live in we get to experience constant regulations change.

Our teams track all current changes and successfully apply new practices that would be a useful supporter for your bussines! Our teams will work individually based on your business’ specific needs. An experiences accounting partner that will get to know the specifics of your business in details is much needed in achieving your professional goals! “Komarov Consult” Accounting Services guarantees to follow all legal requirements based on your business goals.

Monthly or yearly subscription services is the right choice for everyone who wants the best for their business. The complex services that our teams will offer will save time and expenses while making sure it is based on all legal norms.

What’s included in accounting services monthly / yearly subscription:

Accounting services - Komarov Consult
  • Current accounting reports of all accounting papers.
  • Income monitoring if VAT law registration needed.
  • Submitting monthly reference – VAT law declaration.
  • Submitting regular financial result.

  • Tracking all tax terms.
  • Annual Accounting Closing; Filing and annual Tax Return.
  • Inspections preparation, protection and constant communication with supervisory authority.
Accounting services - Komarov Consult

Monthly / yearly subscription

Accounting services is not to be under cost limitation. Trust quality service – “Komarov Consult”.

Book an appointment for an individual consultation and find new opportunities for you business!

Accounting services - Komarov Consult