Accounting service

We offer comprehensive accounting service. Komarov Consult Accounting House has over 22 years of experience in the professional care of the accounts of small, large and medium-sized companies operating in various branches of business. Using our bookkeeping services, you save valuable time and direct your energy to the development of your business.

We monitor the latest changes in the regulations affecting the national financial and fiscal policy as well as the adopted amendments regulating the business of our customers. With us, you are assured that your company always has the right documentation, that you comply with all legal requirements and save any unnecessary costs, fees, fines.

The accounting service we offer includes:

• Preparation of individual chart of accounts.
• Current accounting of primary documents.
• Monthly calculation of financial results.
• Preparation of documents and registration of the company under the VAT Act.
• Monthly preparation and submission of ledgers and reference declarations under the VAT Act.
• Drafting employment agreements and civil contracts, payrolls of employees, accounts of fees paid.
• Charging of social and health insurance of employees and owners, preparation of payment documents and submission of data to NII.
• Effecting annual closure of accounts at the end of the reporting period.
• Drafting of Annual Tax Returns.
• Preparation of Annual Financial Statements.
• Tax advice and tax protection.
• Representation before the NRA when carrying out audits.

Subscription Accounting Service
Using subscription accounting service is a practical and affordable solution when you want to ensure stable development of your business. We get to know better the specific needs of your company and take care of them. You have at your disposal professionals who advise you on accounting issues at any time.

Call us or send a request for subscription accounting service.


Registration of companies

Choosing the type of company you want to register, preparation of documents - everything takes time. And you prefer to spend your time in developing your business. We understand you. Therefore, we offer assistance in company registration - it's part of our business.

The decision what type of company you want to register is important with regard to your future development plans, objectives, costs. If you are not sure which the right choice is, we shall consult you.

Our assistance in company registration includes:

• Professional consultancy when choosing the company in terms of tax and social security legislation.
• Preparation of a complete set of papers.
• Full support and presence on the part of the accounting company at the opening of fund-raising account and appointments with a notary.
• Submission of documents in the Commercial Register Office.
• Assistance in ordering the official company seal and developing a full accounting policy of the company.

We provide registration of all companies in compliance with Commercial Code:

• AD - Joint Stock Company
• OOD - Limited Liability Company
• EOOD - Sole Limited Liability Company
• SD - General partnership
• ET - Sole trader
• DZZD - Company established under the Obligations & Contracts Act

Contact us if you need to register a company. Komarov Consult Accounting House will save you time and money and help to ensure a steady start and a plan for the development of your business.


Tax consultancy

Cost optimization of your business includes taxes, too. There are many legitimate ways to reduce them, which you can use. To do this, you need an experienced accountant aware of all the news and changes in the field of taxes and accounting. You can find such in our team of professionals who have been working for already 22 years.

What is tax advice? This includes clarification, compliance with and implementation of national tax legislation. To make the most of them, we develop a tax strategy that will lead to immediate and long-term tax savings. We are also at your disposal for advice and assistance in its implementation.

The Tax consultancy, we offer includes:

• Drafting, submission and defense of Tax Returns Declarations ( under Personal Income Tax Act, Law on Corporate Income Tax, Law on Local Taxes and Fees, etc.)
• Consultation regarding registration and deregistration under the VAT Act, under the Act on Protection of Personal Data and others.
• Determination of tax effects and developing an operating methodology when performing specific commercial transactions.
• Management and optimization of tax liabilities.
• Opinions on tax cases under all tax laws.
• Preparation of objections to tax audit reports.
• Appeal of tax audit acts.
• Tax protection during tax audits.
• Consultations regarding international operations and advice on avoiding double taxation.

A successful business depends largely on how good your accountants are. Our professional accounting services and tax advice will help you optimize the cost of your business. Contact us - Komarov Consult Accounting House.


Annual closing of accounts

In general, even if you manage without using subscription accounting services, you will need assistance for your company annual closure of accounts. A professional will deal more quickly and accurately with the task and will help you see the development of your business during the last year, what changes and improvements you need to make and how to optimize your costs.

What is the purpose of the annual closing of accounts

• To form and clarify the financial indicators of your business during the respective year.
• To establish the final financial results as well as the overall property status and financial position of the company as of December 31 of the respective year.

The last stage of the annual closure of accounts includes the preparation of annual financial statements (AFS), fairly presented in accordance with the applicable financial framework (IFRS, NFRSSME).

Stages of annual closure of accounts:

• Analysis of accounts

Key to this stage is the procedure of definition of the period, i.e. inclusion of all purchases and sales during the reporting period as well as of only such purchases and sales done during the reporting period.

The procedure includes:

• Review of purchases / sales during the last months of the current reporting period;
• Review of purchases / sales during the first months of the next reporting period;
• Regular costs (e.g. rental costs, monthly subscriptions, etc.) are accrued in accordance with contracts, and a monthly analytical review can ensure their completeness.

Inventory of assets and liabilities

Subject to inventory:

• assets such as fixed assets, inventories, receivables from counterparties, cash;
• liabilities such as obligations to corporate and loan commitments.

Conducting an inventory of the assets and liabilities of the reporting enterprise is a very important procedure. This confirms that the assets and liabilities recorded in the books really exist on the reporting date.

Closure of accounts

The closure of each account is mostly an analysis of the contained therein information (opening balance and turnover on debit and credit), on the basis of which the trial balance is prepared (trial balance prior to the annual closure).

Reporting income taxes

The initial value for taxation of income of a company is the accounting profit on the basis of which the taxable profit is formed. The amount of taxable income must be equal to the one specified in the annual tax return declaration.

Preparation and submission of annual financial statements of the company

The annual financial statements (AFS) is drawn up by the chief accountant (or an official appointed to another economic position in the company) or by an accounting firm registered under the Commerce Act.
AFS is signed by the head of the company and by the person who draws it up, is responsible for drawing or managing/represents the accounting firm drawing the report. Then it is sealed with the company stamp.
Besides full accounting services, Komarov Consult offers to you only annual accounting service. Entrust the important tasks to experienced professionals.


Social and health insurance

Maintaining the right documentation, communication with National Insurance Institute and the National Revenue Agency when necessary - these are just some of the accounting services related to social and health insurance. Entrust this care to professionals in accounting services. You will need help, no matter how big your company is. The accounting service in this area ensures convenience for your employees and compliance with all legal requirements. This, in turn, saves you worries and additional costs.

Accounting services related to social and health insurance include:

• Drafting employment agreements and the necessary supporting documents.
• Preparation of payrolls, deductions and pay slips.
• Keeping records of the company staff.
• Preparation of declarations, forms №1, №3, №5, №6 and №7.
• Validation of insurance books of self-insured persons.
• Preparation of payment orders for insurance contributions.
• Calculation of benefits and submission of sick notes in NII.
• Preparation of civil contracts, remuneration forms and official notices; UP-2, UP-3.

We, Komarov Consult Accounting House, provide professional care and competent assistance in cases arising in the field of social and health insurance. Call us.


Occupational Health Service

Periodic measurements of light, noise, dust in the premises where work your employees, and periodic medical examinations are statutory. To comply with the law and make sure that your team works in a healthy environment, it is necessary to entrust the care for the occupational health to a specialized company.

Komarov Consult Accounting House could take this commitment to you, too. We offer professional, comprehensive service in the field of occupational health service, respecting all the requirements of HSWA and Labour Inspection:

Risk assessment of health and safety of employees

We work with a special methodology which we present in advance:

• we identify risks and collect the necessary information to analyze them;
• we make risk assessments and prepare the necessary documentation;
• we prepare recommendations to reduce and control risks.

We have the necessary equipment calibrated by accredited testing laboratories and specialists who make measurements of work environment factors:

• climate (temperature, relative humidity and air velocity);
• illumination of premises;
• noise at work, home and environment, noise level, top level sound pressure level equivalent noise level of daily exposure to noise;
• impedance Zs of the outline "phase-protective conductor ';
• resistance of earthing and lightning rods;
• insulation resistance.

Preventive medical examinations

We provide conducting preliminary and periodic medical examinations in order to issue a conclusion on the professional fitness and the health status of the employees.

Analyses and Recommendations

We develop annual analysis of the health status of your employees based on periodic medical examinations conducted.
We issue conclusions on the suitability of the employees to carry out a certain type of work.
We give recommendations for rehabilitation of the environment and preservation of physical and mental health of workers.

With the assistance of Komarov Consult you provide stability and convenience for your business and make your company an attractive place to work. Contact us for details.


Fiscal devices

The cash register with an integrated GPRS terminal and a connection to the NRA Perfect S-KL is the compact Perfect from the luxury series of cash registers of a new generation , which fully complies with the requirements of Regulation H-18 of the Ministry of Finance. The model is designed for people with style who do not like compromises. • Thermal paper:
• width 57 mm
• diameter 40 mm
• Control Tape in an Electronic Form: SD card with a capacity of over 46 million lines
• Fiscal printer Mode

✅ Free fiscalization of the cash register
✅ Free registration in NRA
✅ A mobile operator card to connect to the NRA with a prepaid 1-year fee
✅ Free programming of compulsory requisites
✅ An agreement for maintenance of the register for 1 year as required by NRA
✅ Declaring the old cash register unfit for use

Trademark : Daisy
Model : Perfect S-KL
Type : Desktop
Paper Type : Thermal paper
Roll size (diameter x height): 40 x 57 mm
Weight : 5120 g
Color : Black




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