Occupational Health Service

Occupational Health Service

Periodic measurements of light, noise, dust in the premises where work your employees, and periodic medical examinations are statutory. To comply with the law and make sure that your team works in a healthy environment, it is necessary to entrust the care for the occupational health to a specialized company.

Komarov Consult Accounting House could take this commitment to you, too. We offer professional, comprehensive service in the field of occupational health service, respecting all the requirements of HSWA and Labour Inspection:

Risk assessment of health and safety of employees

We work with a special methodology which we present in advance:

• we identify risks and collect the necessary information to analyze them;
• we make risk assessments and prepare the necessary documentation;
• we prepare recommendations to reduce and control risks.

We have the necessary equipment calibrated by accredited testing laboratories and specialists who make measurements of work environment factors:

• climate (temperature, relative humidity and air velocity);
• illumination of premises;
• noise at work, home and environment, noise level, top level sound pressure level equivalent noise level of daily exposure to noise;
• impedance Zs of the outline “phase-protective conductor ‘;
• resistance of earthing and lightning rods;
• insulation resistance.

Preventive medical examinations

We provide conducting preliminary and periodic medical examinations in order to issue a conclusion on the professional fitness and the health status of the employees.

Analyses and Recommendations

We develop annual analysis of the health status of your employees based on periodic medical examinations conducted.
We issue conclusions on the suitability of the employees to carry out a certain type of work.
We give recommendations for rehabilitation of the environment and preservation of physical and mental health of workers.

With the assistance of Komarov Consult you provide stability and convenience for your business and make your company an attractive place to work. Contact us for details.