Accounting services

Accounting service

We offer comprehensive accounting service. Komarov Consult Accounting House has over 22 years of experience in the professional care of the accounts of small, large and medium-sized companies operating in various branches of business. Using our bookkeeping services, you save valuable time and direct your energy to the development of your business.

We monitor the latest changes in the regulations affecting the national financial and fiscal policy as well as the adopted amendments regulating the business of our customers. With us, you are assured that your company always has the right documentation, that you comply with all legal requirements and save any unnecessary costs, fees, fines.

The accounting service we offer includes:

• Preparation of individual chart of accounts.
• Current accounting of primary documents.
• Monthly calculation of financial results.
• Preparation of documents and registration of the company under the VAT Act.
• Monthly preparation and submission of ledgers and reference declarations under the VAT Act.
• Drafting employment agreements and civil contracts, payrolls of employees, accounts of fees paid.
• Charging of social and health insurance of employees and owners, preparation of payment documents and submission of data to NII.
• Effecting annual closure of accounts at the end of the reporting period.
• Drafting of Annual Tax Returns.
• Preparation of Annual Financial Statements. 
• Tax advice and tax protection. 
• Representation before the NRA when carrying out audits.

Subscription Accounting Service
Using subscription accounting service is a practical and affordable solution when you want to ensure stable development of your business. We get to know better the specific needs of your company and take care of them. You have at your disposal professionals who advise you on accounting issues at any time.

Call us or send a request for subscription accounting service.

Who is obliged to submit the AFS?

Any company that was active  is obliged to publish its annual financial report in the commercial register together with the accompanying documents
The deadline for submission is June 30, 2019. 
The fine for ungranted report  in term of the AFS is between BGN  500 and 3000.

Who should not submit the AFS?

The annual financial statements shall not be submitted by companies which have not been active in the previous year.  They are obliged to submit a declaration of inactivity within  March 31, 2019.  

When should I register for VAT?

Any natural or legal person must register when its taxable turnover reaches BGN  50 000  or more for a period not exceeding the last 12 consecutive months preceding the current month.  In this case, the person is obliged to submit an application for registration within 7 days of the expiration of the tax period in which the turnover is reached.  Where the turnover is reached for a period not exceeding two consecutive months, including the current one, the person shall be obliged to submit an application for registration within 7 days of the date the turnover has been reached.  

Why Choose us?

  • We guarantee the expert preparation of the necessary documentation.
  • We save your money.
  • With us, you skip the queues! We do it instead of you.
  • We submit all the paperwork for you