Komarov Consult Accounting House

offers professional accounting services and consultancy in finance and tax legislation. We offer subscription in accounting services, assistance with the annual closuring of accounts, preparation of tax and accounting strategy for cost optimization and development of your business. We also have equipment and staff to perform all the necessary procedures in the field of occupational health service.

In our team there are qualified professionals with extensive experience. We constantly collaborate with external experts. For more than 20 years this has allowed us to provide accounting services to companies in Varna and Dobrich, operating in various branches of business.

Get to know our fundamental operating principles and learn more about us. Look industries for which we have worked so far. Stay informed about the various services we provide.

Comprehensive, fast, high-grade think-ahead service provided by Komarov Consult Accounting House. Contact us whether you need a subscription accounting services or a single consultation and assistance. We are at your disposal.